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Samantha Legzdin E-Portfolio

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Presentation Reflection

“Dissonant Blare” Tonight was so much fun and we were presented with so much support! Dan, Juliet and I set up a table with Anton’s pedal board as a “taster” before our presentation and we demonstrated how our ideas were formed to create our final product. Using a microphone we individually identified all the sounds…

Week 12 – Blog Post

This was our last “in class” which was a bit sad but we still learnt so many things, which kind of took my mind off being sad about our last lesson. We learnt about the SAMR model (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition) and the TPAC model (technology, pedagogy and content knowledge). We also learnt about…

Week 11 – Blog Post

BYOD & more with Brad This week Brad led our class as James popped in looking schmick in his suit for a brief time. This week focused not just on the implementation of technology of music in a classroom, but also the management of a classroom. He discussed concepts he used such as “spine in…

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